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Name Used For
Troll-fur.png Troll Fur Element-2.png Energy Enchant on Boots from Shell
Metal-plate.png Metal Plate Element-0.png Physical Enchant on Helmets from Harvey
Broken-staff.png Broken Staff Element-4.png Ice Enchant on Armour from Hog
Mandible.png Mandible Element-3.png Nature Enchant on Weapons from Parker
Spider-leg.png Spider Leg Element-3.png Nature Enchant on Gloves from Parker
Widow-leg.png Widow Leg Element-3.png Nature Enchant on Armour from Parker
Giant-toe.png Giant Toe Ferry to Braconis from Blind Cyclops
Giant-eye.png Giant Eye Element-0.png Physical Enchant on Gloves from Harvey
Ponytail.png Ponytail Element-7.png Mana Enchant on Gloves from Squidge
Blue-scales.png Blue Scales Unknown
Red-scales.png Red Scales Element-1.png Fire Enchant on Gloves from Hedge
Green-goo.png Green Goo Element-3.png Nature Enchant on Boots from Parker
Blue-goo.png Blue Goo Element-0.png Physical Enchant on Boots from Harvey
Red-goo.png Red Goo Element-1.png Fire Enchant on Helmets from Hedge
Bone.png Bone Element-7.png Mana Enchant on Helmets from Squidge
Skull.png Skull Element-1.png Fire Enchant on Boots from Hedge
Branch.png Branch Element-2.png Energy Enchant on Helmets from Shell
Hoof.png Hoof Element-7.png Mana Enchant on Armour from Squidge
Blue-tail.png Blue Tail Element-2.png Energy Enchant on Gloves from Shell
Blue-ear.png Blue Ear Element-4.png Ice Enchant on Helmets from Hog
Red-tail.png Red Tail Element-1.png Fire Enchant on Armour from Hedge
Green-leather.png Green Leather Element-7.png Mana Enchant on Boots from Squidge
Minotaur-horn.png Minotaur Horn Element-4.png Ice Enchant on Gloves from Hog
Demon-bone.png Demon Bone Element-2.png Energy Enchant on Armour from Shell
Molten-core.png Molten Core Element-1.png Fire Enchant on Weapons from Hedge
Giant-horn.png Giant Horn Element-0.png Physical Enchant on Armour from Harvey
Ice-shard.png Ice Shard Element-4.png Ice Enchant on Weapons from Hog
Razor-claws.png Razor Claws Element-4.png Ice Enchant on Boots from Hog
Cursed-teeth.png Cursed Teeth N/A
Cursed-eye.png Cursed Eye Element-3.png Nature Enchant on Helmets from Parker
Ectoplasm.png Ectoplasm Element-2.png Energy Enchant on Weapons from Shell
Blank-rune.png Blank Rune Crafting Runes
Crab-claw.png Crab Claw N/A
Human-ear.png Human Ear N/A
Wasp-stinger.png Wasp Stinger N/A
Wasp-wing.png Wasp Wing N/A
Chaos-shard.png Chaos Shard N/A
Chaos-fragments.png Chaos Fragments Ferry to Realm of Loss from Karon