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Realm Bonuses

Scrolls that provide realm-wide bonuses for a period of time.

Name Effect
Consumable-0.png Experience Scroll 125% realm-wide experience for +1 hours
Consumable-3.png Skill Scroll 125% realm-wide skill training for +1 hours
Consumable-5.png Potion Scroll 150% realm-wide potion effectiveness for +1 hours
Consumable-2.png Currency Scroll 125% realm-wide currency drop increase for +1 hours
Consumable-7.png Drop Rate Scroll 125% realm-wide item drop rate increase for +1 hours


Scrolls that perform changes to characters / accounts.

Name Effect
Consumable-1.png Supporter Scroll Adds +30 days of Supporter status to your account
Consumable-11.png Change Hero Gender Scroll Changes the gender of the hero it was used on
Consumable-9.png Rename Hero Scroll Allows you to rename the hero it was used on
Consumable-8.png Hero Slot Scroll Adds another slot to your hero selection

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