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Name Location Store
Priestess.png Char Emberton Health & Magic Supplies
Ghost.png Arik Emberton Charms
Troll.png Hudson Emberton The Sleeping Orc
Wild-soldier.png Fitch Emberton Weapons
Sam.png Sam Emberton Armour
Hunter.png Marc Emberton Archery Supplies
Sam.png Cyntia Emberton Food
Rat.png Mieke Gilead Health & Magic Supplies
Troll.png Jeff Gilead The Soggy Hedgehog
Hunter.png Trevor Gilead Archery Supplies
Dugor.png Greenland Gilead Food
Wild-soldier.png Greg Gilead Weapons and Armour
Troll-mage.png Kenji Tartarus Health & Magic Supplies
Egon.png Thadeus Tartarus The Limp Hobnob
Orc-worker.png Christo Tartarus Weapons and Armour
Troll-ranger.png Phil Tartarus Archery Supplies
Minotaur.png Shane Tartarus Food
Hector.png Hector Ghostlands (B3) Cheese

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