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The Realm is the environment in which entities coexist. It consists of an Overworld and 5 underground levels, additionally, there's another realm, "The Mirage" connected to the main realm through portals. A world map can be accessed on your inventory by pressing the label with the map icon, or by pressing the "M" key if you're playing in the PC Client. (Note: The 2 realms have a separate map, upon opening your map, you will be shown the one you're currently in, if you want to check the opposite realm's map, you need to have a party member on it and click the location name in their /who page).

Overworld Sapling.png

The Overworld is the layer where new players spawn, and where most early-game zones can be found. The overworld is the only layer where the day-night cycle can be perceived (1 minute in real life equals 4 minutes of realm time, realm time can be checked in the chat by sending a /realmtime command); during the day, the whole map is lit up and can be seen clearly, at night it looks like any underground level, being covered in darkness, with light only around players, light source tiles and magical attacks.

Overworld zones

Basement 1 (B1) Cave.png

The 1st Sublevel is a direct "upgrade" of the overworld, where bigger areas with more monsters can be found. Every underground layer is permanently shrouded by darkness, the only light sources, as mentioned above, being Players, light tiles (such as torches) and magical attacks.

Basement 1 zones

Basement (B2) Hole.png

The 2nd Sublevel has more unique monsters not seen in previous layers.

Basement 2 zones

Basement 3 (B3) Craneum.png

The 3rd Sublevel is a direct "upgrade" of the sublevel 2; in this layer, lava can be seen, as well as having walls made of underworld stone.

Basement 3 zones

Basement 4 (B4) Lava-bubble.gif

The 4th Sublevel is mainly The Abyss; walls can no longer be seen, instead having a seemingly endless lava sea.

Basement 4 zones

Basement 5 (B5) Demon.png

The 5th and final Sublevel consists of a single Abyss zone and nothing else besides a lava sea extending towards the void.

Basement 5 zones

The Mirage Blue-torch.gif

The Mirage is on a different realm, which is connected to the main one by portals. The Mirage is intended to be a challenge for those who have already conquered the entirety of the main realm, seeking a bigger challenge with bigger rewards. Monsters found in this realm appear to be the same monsters we encounter in the main realm, but consumed by chaos.

Mirage zones

"Terra Incognita" Question.png

Terra Incognita is the zone name given to any tile that is out of bounds. There is no way to get to Terra Incognita by normal means.

Special Tiles

Some tiles across the realm have special effects, which will be listed below.

Safe Zone


Safe zones are special tiles which only players can stand on. While standing on a Safe Zone a shield icon will be shown under your health and mana bar, which means you are immune to all damage, can stack with other players in a safe zone tile as well (or 1 tile outside of the safe zone), and your Health and Mana Regen are disabled.
  • If you are being attacked by a monster and you enter a safe zone, the monster will disengage and will attempt to return to its spawn point.
  • Safe Zones can generally be found surrounding the entrance tiles to any zone.
  • Safe Zones allow you to change the Spells in your hotkeys. (as long as you're not in combat mode).
  • In-game you may see other players referring to Safe Zones as "pz", which stands for Peace/Protection Zone.



Towns are locations where players generally respawn, and is where most Shopkeepers can be found, a green path icon will be displayed under your HP bar when you're in a town. Towns can be considered as a safe resting spot for all players; while in a town, you can also stack on top of other players.
  • Towns are also considered as safe tiles in which you can change your hotkey Spells, if you're out of combat.
  • All towns have a respawn temple with an NPC in it, you may speak to that NPC if you want to respawn on its respective town when you die or when you use the /home command.

PvP Zone


When you see a Reaper icon under your HP bar, that means you're in a PvP zone, where you can attack other players by double-clicking them. (For more information about PvP, refer to its page here).



Arenas are special zones that allow PvP as well, the difference being that in arenas you can kill other players without raising your unjustified player kill count, and can also die without a death penalty; in addition, Health and Mana Potions, Arrows (with the exception of Chaos Arrows) and Runes will not be consumed upon use. Go to these zones to friendly PvP to your heart's content.