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Upon choosing to create a new character, the player has to pick 1 out of the 4 currently available vocations (mostly called classes by the players) to play as. These 4 vocations are Knight, Ranger, Mage and Shaman.

Picking a vocation determines how much Stamina and Spirit the character gains every level, starting Health and Mana Regeneration, inherent resistances to different Elements, which spells the character can unlock and use, the amount of experience required to level up each skill, starting items and which outfits the character can unlock (although some are unlockable for all characters regardless of gender/vocation).

All vocations start out with 5 Stamina (25 Health) and 1 Spirit (5 Mana), 5 Weak Potions and 5 Meat in their inventory and are level 10 in all 4 skills (Melee, Distance, Magic and Defence). All starting items, except Meat, are Soulbound for all classes (cannot be traded with other players).

Something important to note that many new players don't realize until later on: all vocations can use all items as long as the requirements are met. No items require a specific vocation to be used.


Knight is the vocation with the most Health in the game, which in conjunction with Heavy Equipment and Shields make them the best class for tanking. Their only hindrance is having to be next to the target in order to deal damage (See also: Melee Range)

Stamina gain 3 per level
Spirit gain 1 per level
Starting Hp regen 10
Starting Mana regen 5
Base resistances 10% Element-0.png Physical
Knight Spells Throwing Axe
Challenging Throw
Starting Items Spiked Club
Wooden Shield
Cloth Shirt

Knights are the fastest at getting Defence levels, although slower than other vocations when it comes to leveling up their main offensive skill (Melee). Knight's main visible trait is having big shoulderpads, with various melee weapons on their backs (See also: Knight Outfits).


Rangers are a hybrid of Mages and Knights, having high, consistent ranged damage while having above average survivability. Their only hindrance is that their attacks can miss if not correctly equipped (See also: Accuracy Bonus), and blocked.

Stamina gain 2 per level
Spirit gain 2 per level
Starting Hp regen 5
Starting Mana regen 5
Base resistances 10% Element-3.png Nature
Ranger Spells Volley
Concussive Shot
+ Conjuring all arrows
Starting Items Wooden Bow
Wooden Arrow x 1000

Rangers' Defence and Distance raises at the same rate. Their main visual trait is that they carry bows or crossbows on their back (See also: Ranger Outfits)


Mages are the class with the highest burst damage in the game, having Runes, low cooldown Spells and Crit % as their Light Equipment's exclusive bonus, however their hindrance is their very low survivability.

Stamina gain 1 per level
Spirit gain 3 per level
Starting Hp regen 5
Starting Mana regen 10
Base resistances 15% Element-1.png Fire
15% Element-4.png Ice
15% Element-2.png Energy
25% Element-5.png Death
25% Element-7.png Mana
Mage Spells Elemental Strike
Mind Games
+ Conjuring Mana, Ice, Fire,
Energy and Death Runes
Starting Items Warped Staff

Mages level up their primary offensive skill (Magic) the fastest, while being the slowest at Defence. Their main visual trait is wearing a robe, and having Staves on their backs (See also: Mage Outfits).


Shamans are very similar to Mages, both having Runes and Crit % as their Light Equipment's exclusive bonus, however, shamans don't have damage spells of their own, instead all their spells heal; with these spells, Shamans have way better survibability than Mages, however, their hindrance is their lack of sustainable damage.

Stamina gain 1 per level
Spirit gain 3 per level
Starting Hp regen 5
Starting Mana regen 10
Base resistances 15% Element-0.png Physical
15% Element-3.png Nature
25% Element-5.png Death
15% Element-6.png Holy
25% Element-7.png Mana
Shaman Spells Healing Hands
Mind Games
Divine Intervention
+ Conjuring Mana, Nature, Physical,
Holy and Heal Runes
Starting Items Cracked Rod

Shamans share the same Defence increase rate as Mages and the same Magic increase rate as Rangers with Distance. Additionally, they can cast their spells while having a mace equipped, as such, their Melee also raises with a speed similar to Knights. Their main visual trait is having a sleeveless robe, with staves on their back (See also: Shaman Outfits).