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This page contains guides to install the game and fixes for any known platform-specific problems.

Installing the game

Mirage Realms is written in a programming language called Java. This is great as it allows the game to be developed for PC, Linux, MAC and Android using one codebase, but this multi-platform approach does make it unintuitive to get running on some platforms.


On Android devices (with a minimum Android version of 5.0) the game can simply be downloaded from the Google Playstore or alternatively as an APK from the Website. If you choose to install the APK directly from the website, you may have to allow installing APKs from unknown sources in your devices settings, and you will need to manually re-download the APK every time an update is released.


To run the game on windows devices you will need to install a Java Runtime Environmentand download the file required to run the game from the website. Do not extract the Mirage.jar file. Once that is the case opening the game is often as simple as right-clicking on the .jar file, hovering over the "open with:" option and choosing "Java(TM) Platform SE Binary".

Should this not be the case please refer to the fixes below or ask for help in the #support chat on Discord!.


This section includes some fixes for common mistakes or issues.

Short Blackscreen

This is a common issue that can be fixed by updating your drivers (make sure your device supports OpenGL 2.0), using JarFix to repair your .jar associations or running the game from the console. This can be done by navigating the console to the directory your .jar file is saved in and entering the command "java -jar Mirage.jar". Another common fix for crash and black screen issues is installing an older java version, particularly this version of Java 8. Replace your current Java version with this one and try launching the game again.

Linux (Arch-based)

To play on an Arch-based Linux distribution you will still need to install a JRE. Doing so is quite easy with your default package manager (pacman on Arch distros). Simply navigate to your console and run the command "sudo pacman -S jre", this will by default install the latest version of Java 21. If you wish to install a different version of Java you will have to install that versions package instead. Now to run the game open your console in the directory the jar file is located in and run the command "java -jar Mirage.jar" as long as you are in the right directory this will start the game and you are ready to play!


Linux can sometimes present an issue where the client is unable to resolve the local network adapter. This is caused by the OS presenting multiple mappings for localhost. To fix this you will have to edit your hosts file and comment out the second time your loopback IP is assigned. To find your host file type the following into your console (instead of Micro you can use any other file-editing software you have, e.g. vim or vi):

sudo micro /etc/hosts

Now comment out (put a hash at the start of the line) the second time your loopback IP ( or is mentioned.


To run the game on Mac you will have to run the following command in the directory the Mirage.jar file is in:

Java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar Mirage.jar


The game is currently unavailable on iOS devices, but a future release is possible.