Zero's Reaver

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Name Zero's Reaver
Type Axe
Weight 20
Attack 6
Element Element-0.png Physical
Skill Requirement 0
Handed 2
Defence Penalty* 0
Primary Stat Melee
Max Primary Stat** 0
Secondary Stats


Max Secondary Stat*** 0
Bonus Modifiers

Block %
+ HP Regen
+ Mana Regen
Potion Bonus
Money Find
Omni Resist

Elite Modifier 15% vs Elites
Dropped By


Sold By Not Sold Anywhere

* When Defence rolls as a secondary stat, it's value is added to the defence penalty, reducing it.
** When Melee rolls as a secondary stat, it's value is displayed in addition to the primary stat roll, giving the appearance of a higher maximum primary stat.
*** When Defence or Spirit rolls as a secondary stat, their value is doubled.


  • This is a special weapon that was created as a reward for the first player of the Knight class to reach level 50. The first to get this milestone was a player named Zeromitch (Hence the name "Zero's Reaver")
  • The weapon used to be a one handed weapon and had additional stat points, however, due to an item rework, it lost its additional stats, and it was changed to be an axe (All axes are two handed)