Impending server upgrade

Hello everyone,

As a lot of you will likely know, in January I asked for some help purchasing a server as Mirage had outgrown it’s bedroom project roots and needed a serious hosting platform. We met the goal thanks to all of you wonderful people in the community and as promised the new machine has been built and I have signed a contract to have it hosted at a data centre close to London for the next year.

The new server 🙂

I have spent this weekend working on configuring it ready for deployment and will be arranging to put it into the data centre this week. I will then run a series of tests over the following week checking security, stability and performance before finally migrating the world over to it. So what can you expect?

  • No more kicks / router crashes
  • Significantly improved pings
  • Support for a significantly greater number of simultaneous online players
  • 1337% faster response time from me on server issues

I will notify players ahead of time on Twitter, Facebook and the Forums when the migration will be taking place, and I expect the migration will take around 12 hours. This update will not include any new features or changes in-game to keep the risk of issues to an absolute minimum.


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Impending server upgrade
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