Version 0.5.21-c released!

Hey everyone,

This is a client patch that adds some things that I have been meaning to add for a long time, but have never quite had the time. Camera zoom is a big one… just look at how far we can see when fully zoomed out on PC now.


  • Camera zoom (view up to 8 extra tiles)
  • PC UI scale (up to 200%)
  • Android UI resolution (a bunch of common options)
  • Eating / drinking noises (just yours or everyones)
  • Damage text (to and from you, or everyones)
  • Your HP bar (show it or don’t)


  • HP bar added to all inventory screens (seen above on the left)
  • HP bar added to android chat screens
  • Android UI resolution default bumped up slightly

The changes in this patch are things I think the game has needed from day one, so it is nice to finally have the time to chill out and add them on a slow Saturday afternoon.


The client download has been updated (no version change)

  • Fix for UI scale screwing up text and hp bar offsets ingame
  • Fix for changing the camera zoom messing up the UI when scaling is changed at the same time
  • Added smaller in-game text scaling options on android

See you in game,

Version 0.5.21-c released!
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